Searching for Mr. Right

There we are on the day I brought him home, he was so little! He towers over me now 3 1/2 years later.

P collage.jpg

I was 30 when I finally got my own real, live horse. I tend to over think things, a lot, this was definitely no exception. I live for the day where every decision isn’t met with hours of thought and research. I’d like to say I’m learning but this morning I debated for an hour whether I should drive my oldest to school because the buses were cancelled due to extreme cold, or keep him home. Sigh. Anyway, I was pregnant with my third kid at the time I thought maybe NOW was finally the time since our third was most likely the last. Begin the constant inner dialogue. I obviously wasn’t riding at the time and probably wouldn’t do a lot of consistent riding for another year or two plus a limited budget meant finding my dream horse wasn’t in the cards, but did I want an older pleasure horse I could pull out of field and ride whenever it was convenient or a young horse that would be ready when I could ride consistently?

I had emailed a place that had the easy pleasure horses but they never EVER got back to me, and that bugged me, so I looked into the other option. I had come across Karrasel Warmbloods on my exhaustive internet search, they breed warmbloods and have tons of beautiful stock available, we loaded up the family and spent half a day out looking at horses and chatting with Joy. I left excited and had a few options of yearlings to think about. I ended up picking Phaultless, a long legged bay WB/TB, partly due to budget but mainly I loved his kind eyes. Now you say “Wait, Katlyn. You said you debate decisions obsessively and research, research, research, research (you get it) and you bought a horse based on it’s kind eye? That’s it?”. Yes. It gets better, he wasn’t a particularly trusting little guy that I didn’t get close enough to touch him the two times I went out to look at him. I am a walking contradiction, a conundrum. I will be the first to tell you that, actually my husband would probably be the first to tell you that. But guys, his eyes!


It hasn’t always been an easy process with him and some times I’ve almost regretted it when it’s gotten really tough. Happy to report though, that since last July I’ve had nothing but an amazing time with him, he’s a favorite at the new barn and I’m glad I didn’t give up on him. I’m hoping with the indoor arena and some jumps we can get out to some shows this year, watch out 2017! I originally thought of buying a young horse and selling him when he had some miles on him but now I’m kind of curious to see what life would be like with him 2, 5, 10 years down the road. An older horse is a luxury I haven’t really known before, maybe I’ll like it. We’ll see.

While editing this piece I’m finding the urge to add more, more, more because this decision was huge and took months but I think I’m happy with what I’ve got and I hopefully haven’t bored you to death.

A Bit (get it, a bit) About Me

I caught the horse bug when I was 7, my Dad took me on a trail ride and I knew by the end of that that I wanted to live on horse back. I only rode summers for a while until I came home from a summer at my Dad’s and informed my mom I was joining 4-H, around grade 6 I think. A couple of years in 4-H led me to a hunter/jumper camp and again I was hooked, I remained with that coach through high school and only left because I moved.

I was a working student for my coach Jill, who in return let me ride a lot of horses, take a lot of lessons, and learn a lot. If you or your kid ever get a chance to be a working student, do it. If you like horses it is the best education out there. More on that later.

I rode a lot for many years. Had to quit basketball in Grade 10 because I had no time. Didn’t even think about dating boys in high school (Take note Dads). I kept a calendar one year and I only missed 11 days out of 365 days. Yep, it was awesome!

Then I got older and had to work, go to school, move and have kids and riding hit the back burner, hard. I had a few quick stints of riding here and there but nothing major. Then when I was pregnant with our 3rd and most likely last I wanted to get back into riding, enter the thought of owning my own. My first and only horse of my own, so far.

So, hi. I’m not sure what entirely this will all encompass, the past, the future, and day to day stuff with the horse. This, and that. I’ve already learned I like to use the word awesome too much, I apologize, I’ll work on my vocabulary. I just found it twice in one sentence….so with that have an awesome time here! 😉